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If know of other links to the Canova family on the web, please add a comment.

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  1. Marlene Muzii says:

    My name is Marlene Muzii and I live in Jacksonville. florida. In January of this year (2012) Old Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cementery was extremely vanalized. Jo Ann Orrin and myself are trying to restore the cemeteryby forming Friends of Old Saint Joseph’s. We have met with the city planner, our councilman, Dr. Gaffney, the police, JEA and Father Murphy to discuss this matter.

    I want to bring this to your attention. People buried here with the last name Canova: Paul B Canova, Celestina B., Antonio L., and many more with the name Canova. There are many Minorians(did I mispell)? In fact Father Murphy is from the Rogero family. We are NOT asking for money. Just some help with names and if anyone was removed.

    Thank you for listening to me
    Marlene Muzii
    (904) 607-0050

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