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EBL-Plus automates many tasks!


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The way to unlock the wonders of unattended, fully automatic operations of batch files. With the incredible power of Extended Batch Language, putting up menus and prompts is a snap. From it, you can integrate all those programs you have that were never previously designed to work together! By passing stored keystrokes, you can make programs run automatically. By reading the screen, Extended Batch Language can control things the way you want it to. You can also program in it, for example, to design interactive tutorials. EBL adds BASIC-like commands to DOS batch files to help put you in complete control of your PC.

EBL-Plus is perfect when you need a tailor made menu to integrate your applications! Not only does it provide a way to start up programs on command, but EBL-Plus can automatically "watch" the screen results to determine what to do with the next program! EBL-Plus is ideal for the systems programmer, secretary, or student who wants to automate or hide tedious DOS commands.

The newest version of EBL-Plus supports MS-DOS 6 and Windows 95. Also added is ability to create windows, bouncing-bar menus, pop-ups, action bars, fill-in-the-blank menus, sound, and hundreds of ways to use the new built-in string, math, DOS, console, and debug functions!

New EBL-PLUS now has over 100 built-in commands and functions - additional modules are not required. It has slimmer and trimmer memory utilization - requiring little or no resident memory. Enlarged program areas are now available - supporting EBL programs twice as large as before.

As a product integrator, it represents a significant advance in providing a comprehensive, yet easy to learn, facility for controlling tasks you give your computer. As a programming language, it provides a powerful high-level language that can replace PC-DOS batch files or be used independently to make stand alone applications.

With EBL-PLUS, you will have the ability to:

After seeing EBL-Plus in action, you'll agree that using batch files will never be the same! By registering with Seaware, you will receive the full retail package, including an illustrated typeset manual.

"Truly unique and remarkable product, EBL is extremely
well supported..."
Franscois Brenot, Whitlock Energy Co.

"Thanks to EBL, you can see complete automation right
now on your own system."
Alfred Glossbrenner, PC Magazine

"EBL is a superb product... Get it and wonder how you
ever did without it..."
Ken Goosens, Capital PC Monitor

provides a professional compiler for the EBL-Plus language. The retail Professional EBL-Plus is ideal for the product developer or consultant to create lightning fast stand-alone applications. Cost-free, unrestricted distribution of your EBL batch file programs is a snap.

Professional EBL-Plus provides the same features as the EBL-Plus interpreter, a shareware product. The EBL-Plus language has over 100 built-in functions giving string, arithmetic, menu, and window capabilities to existing batch files.

In addition, Professional EBL-Plus is a true compiler of EBL batch file programs, generating a fast stand-alone COM file. Compiled EBL-Plus programs can also be linked with your own custom functions written in C, Pascal, or MASM. Execution is even possible under most symbolic debuggers in addition to the existing EBL-Plus debug features. Now try THAT with your typical batch file!

This compiler is the prefect solution for programs developers to code, package, and deliver their products with the EBL-Plus language. Seaware Corp. is offering Professional EBL-Plus for $79 ($3 s/h in USA, $12 s/h foreign).

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