Francis James Canova, Jr

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Also known as Frank

Was born on 23 DEC 1956 in Wilmington, Delaware. Baptised on 13 JAN 1957 in St. Matthew's Church, 3 Curtis Ave, Wilmington, Delaware. Born at 12 noon.
Francis James Canova, Jr
Frank is presently an executive consultant for the consumer products industry and expert witness regarding wireless patents. Recently Frank Canova was the VP, Product Engineering at PlasticLogic and Neato Robotics.

Prior to that, he was the VP, HW Engineering at LiveScribe, Inc., a groundbreaking 'smartpen' that helps you never miss a word as you take notes. He was also VP of Engineering & CTO at Reactrix Systems, Inc. as well as the Vice President of Engineering at Wheels of Zeus, a startup by Steve Wozniak. Previously he was also at Palm, Inc. where he has held a number of key positions, including Vice President of Worldwide Product Engineering. Frank joined Palm in January 1997 where he led engineering for the PalmPilot, Palm III, V, and VII series handheld computers and their successors, managing product development of hardware and software products for consumer and enterprise.

With more than 20 years of mobile computing experience, Frank's work has led the mobile industry with a number of world firsts. While at IBM, he was the father of the first SmartPhone which won the Best of Comdex award and is a recognized pioneer of smart cell phones. He also managed various PDA and portable computer projects, and created the forerunner to the modern laptop while at IBM. Frank also directed the development of two-way pager products and technology as Technical Director at a division of Cirrus Logic.

Frank Canova is the author of over 50 issued patents, has filed for dozens of others, and holds the title "Most Prolific Palm Inventor".

In 1978 Frank received a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Frank also attended high school at Clay High School and graduated in 1974. He grew up in Green Cove Springs, Florida, the same city where his father was born and eventually retired to. He presently lives in Fremont, CA where he is an activite participant in the building of a new church at Mission San Jose.
Francis James Canova, Jr Francis James Canova, Jr
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