Charles Edwin Fairbanks

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Was born on 16 DEC 1872 in Savannah, Georgia. Died on 4 DEC 1920 in Chester, PAbecause of Cancer. Was buried in Chester Rural Cemetery.
Charles Edwin Fairbanks
He was a graduate of the FIRST graduating class of Georgia Tech. His diploma was in our family for years until his son Neligan presented it to the president of the University (in Atlanta) for historical reasons. He once worked for Thomas Edison. When most families still had candles on their Christmas tree, he would take lights used on telephone operator switchboards and string them on their tree. Neighbors would come to look at their uniquely lighted tree. He was buried in Chester Rural Cemetery.

It is believed that one of his first jobs after he married was with the Long Island Telephone Company. It was after that he worked for Edison. He installed a phone on the wall for the family to use, but at the time it took a nickle to make it operate. In the event of a problem, his wife would leave an extra nickel for the colored woman to use on the phone if needed.

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