Canova Anderson Blake

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Also known as Candi

Was born on 22 JUL 1944 .
Canova Anderson Blake
Canova (Candi) started her career as a stewardess for National Airlines in 1965. In 1980 she started flying as a purser with PanAm until 1987, when she was advanced to Dean of the PanAm Flight Academy where she supervised more than 400 flight attendant trainees during a one month period. She left PanAm when they declared bankruptcy in 1992. Canova attended Nursing School and started working Mederi Home Health as their Educational Resource Coordinator. She later moved to Austin, TX where she worked for Temple-Inland as a legal assistant. She moved back to her hometown of Gainesville, Florida to retire; however, not liking retirement she worked for the local TV station, WCJB-TV20 in community relations.
Canova Anderson Blake
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