Thomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova

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Also known as Tom

Was born on 15 MAR 1879 in Sanderson, Baker County, Florida. Died on 1 SEP 1971 in Cedar City, Iron, Utah. Was buried on 4 SEP 1971 in Hurricane, Washington, Utah. Occupation: Land Dealer. Baptised on 17 APR 1898 .
Thomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova
A book about Thomas and his descendants is available from Viola Canova Clarke; 2831 N Bloomington Drive E.; Saint George, UT 84790

He changed his middle name after his mission and his marrage to Mary Emily Gould his 3rd wife. Some time later in his life most likely before/after he married the 4th time.

He died under the name Thomas Raymond Canova.

This information was found to be true per a phone call to the Temple Records dept. in S.L.C. Utah which shows "Thomas Ramon Canova" and "Mary Emily Gould" names at the time of their marriage and sealing in the Temple on 2 Oct 1912.

The phone call by there Grandson Michael Wayne Perryman, Sr. (Oct 1999)
Thomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova
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