Iva Mickler Canova

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Was born on 5 DEC 1886 in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Died on 10 MAR 1984 in Saint Augustine, Florida.
Iva Mickler Canova
Iva was full of life and extremely popular with the boys in her younger years. Her mother Elena however watched over Iva and did not let her boy friends turn into romances. She worked for several years at the Florida East Coast Railroad office in Saint Augustine, Florida. It wasn't until late in life, after her mother died, that she married Ben Halsema. Iva never had children.

[Birth/Death records are according to Memoral Records from Craig Funeral Home obtained during burial services attended by Frank Canova, Jr.]

Prayer services in Craig's Chapel: Monday 7:30pm, March 12, 1984. Services in Basilica Cathedral: Tuesday 10:00am, March 13, 1984.

Interment in Evergreen Cemetery: Jacksonville, Florida
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