Annie Canova

Annie Canova

George Denton WardGeorge Denton Ward

J. Frank WardJ. Frank Ward

Annie WardAnnie Ward

Warren Preston WardWarren Preston Ward

Nellie WardNellie Ward

Marie WardMarie Ward

 Paul Bartolo CanovaPaul Bartolo Canova
 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova 
  Celestina B CrespoCelestina B Crespo
 Annie CanovaAnnie Canova 
birt: 5 JUN 1867
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, FL
deat: 29 JAN 1926
plac: Douglas, Georgia

Warren Preston WardWarren Preston Ward
marr: 4 JUN 1884
plac: Sanderson, Florida
  Elisha GreeneElisha Greene
 Diannah GreenDiannah Green 
 Elizabeth Ann DriggersElizabeth Ann Driggers



Annie attended school at St. Josephs Convent in Fernandino, Florida.

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