William Boyd Packer

William Boyd Packer

William Taylor PackerWilliam Taylor Packer

Calvin David PackerCalvin David Packer

Madison Rose PackerMadison Rose Packer

Isabella Dannan PackerIsabella Dannan Packer

 William David PackerWilliam David Packer 
 William Boyd PackerWilliam Boyd Packer 
birt: 19 SEP 1968
plac: Costa Mesa, CA

Christina Anne LichlyterChristina Anne Lichlyter
marr: 30 NOV 1990
birt: 10 JAN 1969
  Bernard A. ThorntonBernard A. Thornton
 Bernardine M. ThorntonBernardine M. Thornton 
 Marie CanovaMarie Canova



Also known as: Bill

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