Leo Canova

Leo Canova

Mary Linda CanovaMary Linda Canova

 Ralph Charles CanovaRalph Charles Canova
 Ralph Gregory Canova, Jr.Ralph Gregory Canova, Jr. 
  Ellen RegisterEllen Register
 Leo CanovaLeo Canova 
birt: 12 JUL 1905
deat: 8 AUG 1980
plac: Jacksonville, Florida

Ella Mary ClarkElla Mary Clark
marr: 12 JUL 1935
plac: Jacksonville, Florida
birt: 10 AUG
deat: 1999
plac: Jacksonville, Florida
  William Ledwith HendricksWilliam Ledwith Hendricks
 Henrietta Gertrude HendricksHenrietta Gertrude Hendricks 
 Ana Frances HanfordAna Frances Hanford



Had one daughter - name unknown.

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