Christopher Morton Rankin

Christopher Morton Rankin

Sara Ruth RankinSara Ruth Rankin

Frances Alberta RankinFrances Alberta Rankin

Craig McGinley RankinCraig McGinley Rankin

Kenneth Taylor RankinKenneth Taylor Rankin

Samuel Payne RankinSamuel Payne Rankin

Morton Banning RankinMorton Banning Rankin

 Samuel Edwin RankinSamuel Edwin Rankin 
 Christopher Morton RankinChristopher Morton Rankin 
birt: 16 JAN 1877
plac: Tennessee
deat: 3 JUN 1952

Nannie L BanningNannie L Banning
birt: 15 JAN 1880
plac: Tennessee
deat: 22 APR 1958
 Sarah Lorinda LyleSarah Lorinda Lyle 


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