Sam George Canova, Jr.

Sam George Canova, Jr.

 Jacob John CanovaJacob John Canova
 Sam George Canova, Sr.Sam George Canova, Sr. 
  Margarite Maria RoccaforteMargarite Maria Roccaforte
 Sam George Canova, Jr.Sam George Canova, Jr. 
birt: 5 JAN 1950
plac: White Castle, Iberville, Louisiana

Sandra Louis TribeSandra Louis Tribe
marr: 27 JUN 1970
plac: Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana
  George Henry AucoinGeorge Henry Aucoin
 Margaret Marie AucoinMargaret Marie Aucoin 
 Maude Theresa RivetMaude Theresa Rivet



Great grandparents imigrated during 1890-1910 from village named "Sambuca" located in central part of Sicily. Family name may have been listed as Connova.

There is the town of Sambuca di Sicilia in Agrigento Province. Prior to 1923 the town was called Sambuca Zabut.

SAMBUCA DI SICILIA - Agrigento Province, Sicily Region - 90 km from Agrigento - population: about 7195 with a total of about 7434 in the area - postal code: 92017 - telephone code: 0925 - patron saint: S. Giorgio and Maria SS Udienza - hamlets: Adragna

My reference book is "Annuario generale, comuni e frazioni d'Italia". Milano: 1994 Touring Club Italiano, 1968 and published every 5 years thereafter.

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