Izzy Dore Canova

Izzy Dore Canova

Pauline CanovaPauline Canova

Shelby CanovaShelby Canova

Janie CanovaJanie Canova

John William CanovaJohn William Canova

 Willie CanovaWillie Canova 
 Izzy Dore CanovaIzzy Dore Canova 
birt: 22 APR 1922
deat: 23 NOV 1993
plac: St. Augustine, St Johns County, Florida

Mary GibsonMary Gibson
birt: 1955
plac: Carter County, TN
 Louise L. DeesLouise L. Dees 



Relationship is unknown. Anyone knowing other relatives of Izzy is asked to contact seaware@@yahoo.com.

Buried at: Evergreen Cemetery Section: F City: St. Augustine County/State: St Johns, FL Notes: Cemetery location: 505 N Rodriquez St, St. Augustine, Florida 32084

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