Ralph Eugene Canova

Ralph Eugene Canova

Frederick Jackson CanovaFrederick Jackson Canova

Iris Louise CanovaIris Louise Canova

Maude-Edna CanovaMaude-Edna Canova

Wilbur CanovaWilbur Canova

Hal Paul CanovaHal Paul Canova

Winifred CanovaWinifred Canova

Ralph Eugene CanovaRalph Eugene Canova

 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova
 George Walter CanovaGeorge Walter Canova 
  Diannah GreenDiannah Green
 Ralph Eugene CanovaRalph Eugene Canova 
birt: 30 SEP 1897
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, FL
deat: 21 JAN 1971
plac: Lakeland, FL

Maude Mosley MillsMaude Mosley Mills
birt: 7 OCT 1898
plac: Lake City, Florida
deat: 6 AUG 1992
plac: Bartow, FL
  Francisco Jose PonsFrancisco Jose Pons
 Evelyn Genevieve PonsEvelyn Genevieve Pons 
 Marcella Camilla CanovaMarcella Camilla Canova


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