William Phidel Hall

William Phidel Hall

 William Phidel HallWilliam Phidel Hall 
birt: 5 SEP 1905
plac: Gotebo, Oklahoma
deat: 30 APR 1974
plac: Riverside, California

Ramona CanovaRamona Canova
marr: 23 FEB 1936
birt: 7 JUN 1916
plac: Parowan, Utah



Also known as: P.W.

According to notes by Viola Clarke Canova: He was also known as Phidel William (P.W.) Hall. When he and Ramona married, he was a widower with two small children, Joyce and Gayle. He was an automobile salesman and within a few years had one of the largest automobile agencies in the area.

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