Bartolome Miguel Usina

Bartolome Miguel Usina

Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina

 Antonio Joseph Magi AlzinaAntonio Joseph Magi Alzina 
 Bartolome Miguel UsinaBartolome Miguel Usina 
birt: 27 FEB 1773
plac: on a beach in New Symerna, Florida

Raphelia VillalongaRaphelia Villalonga
marr: 16 AUG 1798
birt: 12 MAY 1784
deat: 22 MAR 1852
  Miguel PonsMiguel Pons
 Catalina MollCatalina Moll 
 Francesca MollFrancesca Moll



Also known as: Mike

Usina is spelled Alquina in the Church records. Information comes from St. Peters Church, New Smyrna, 1768-1782, p 22, No. 3 via Latrell Pappy Mickler on 3/27/2004 via

Also, He was born on the 27th of February in 1773 at eight o'clock in the evening. Godparents: Bartolome Llfrio and Antonioa Masters. Father Pedro Camps

Latrell originally got the translation of the baptism of Bartolome from the St. Augustine Historical Society.

Recenty Leonard J. McCown sent his translation of FATHRE PEDRO CAMPS' GOLDEN BOOK OF THE MINORCANS:TRANSLATION AND INDEX (or Baptisms, 1768-1784 and marriages, 1776-1784). I am looking at the baptism of Barolome in this and it says:

1773, page 16, entry 3: Bartholome Alquina. Baptized 2? February 1773. Bartholome Alquina, son of Antonio [Alquina] and Catalina Moll. Born 27 February 1773, about 8 in the inght. Goddparents: Bartholome Llufriu and Antonio Mestre. Priest: Pedro Camps. Note: The mother's maiden name is unreadable. See page 8, entry 13.

The referenced entry reads: 1771, Page 8, entry 13: Catalina Alquina. Baptized 30 Mar 1771, Catarina Alquina, daughter of Antonio [Alquina] and Catarina Moll, married couple. Born 29 March 1771, about 5 in the morning. Godparents: Miguel Alquina and Maria Antonia Alquina. Priest: Pedro Camps.

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