Raphelia Villalonga

Raphelia Villalonga

Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina

 Miguel VillalongaMiguel Villalonga 
 Raphelia VillalongaRaphelia Villalonga 
birt: 12 MAY 1784
deat: 22 MAR 1852

Bartolome Miguel UsinaBartolome Miguel Usina
marr: 16 AUG 1798
birt: 27 FEB 1773
plac: on a beach in New Symerna, Florida
 Rafaela MerchadalaRafaela Merchadala 



Based on research by Michael Fairbanks, we know from christening records the correct birth date is 12 May 1784. We don't know from where the incorrect date of June 02, 1773 was used in the 1905 family tree chart originally compiled by Charles Edwin Fairbanks.

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