Ahachann Goodman

Ahachann Goodman

Alice America MillerAlice America Miller

 Ahachann GoodmanAhachann Goodman 
birt: 20 JUN 1866
deat: 19 AUG 1961
plac: Jacksonville, Florida

John W. (William?) MillerJohn W. (William?) Miller
marr: 1886
birt: SEP 1861
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida (guess)
deat: 31 MAY 1929
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida



Records were provided by Paul Duey (decendent):

Her first name Ahachann had many variations: Axieann, Axi Ann, Ahkes, & others.

She told me and other family members that she came to St. Augustine from Oklahoma on a wagon train when she was nine years old. I have a written account of some of her testimony, but the significance is that she apparently lived with the Goodman family but was not related to them.

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