Thaddeus A. Hill

Thaddeus A. Hill

Ella Gertrude HillElla Gertrude Hill

Ida HillIda Hill

Alice HillAlice Hill

George Hamilton HillGeorge Hamilton Hill

James Henry HillJames Henry Hill

Foster Betha HillFoster Betha Hill

Frank Calvin HillFrank Calvin Hill

Janie HillJanie Hill

Edna HillEdna Hill

Charles Gaston HillCharles Gaston Hill

Nellie HillNellie Hill

Hubert Leon HillHubert Leon Hill

 James HamiltonJames Hamilton 
 Thaddeus A. HillThaddeus A. Hill 
bapl: 25 JUL 1897

Margaret M. GreenMargaret M. Green
bapl: 25 JUL 1897
birt: 2 MAR 1856
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, Florida
deat: 19 SEP 1940
 Martha ThomasMartha Thomas 



Also known as: Tadd

[Via Viola Canova Clarke notes:] Tadd had been waiting for a church that had apostles and prophets. He was converted to be Mormon almost immediately, however his wife Margaret was a "Hard-shelled" Baptist and was slower in accepting it.

Tadd Hill was a close friend of George Paul Canova, and was influencial in converting George from a Catholic to be Mormon. George and his wife and two daughters were baptised a Mormon 6 weeks after the Hills were baptised.

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