Macy Virginia Pacetti

Macy Virginia Pacetti

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Glenda Marie DelanyGlenda Marie Delany

 Frederic Bernard PacettiFrederic Bernard Pacetti 
 Macy Virginia PacettiMacy Virginia Pacetti 
birt: 5 FEB 1917
plac: Mill Creek, St. Johns County, Florida
deat: 28 OCT 1987
plac: 24 Sanchez Ave, St. Augustine, FL

Thomas Earl DelanyThomas Earl Delany
marr: 21 AUG 1937
birt: 26 FEB 1913
plac: St. Augustine, Florida
deat: 19 NOV 1979
plac: Jacksonville, Fl., Baptist Medical Center
 Alberta Maria RobertsAlberta Maria Roberts 



Virginia died at her home at 24 Sanchez Avenue at 8:35 p.m. of cardiac arrest. She died in the arms of her son.

BIRTH: Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Leopoldi Parish Church, Florida, Baptisms I, 1879-1933, entry 179.

Virginia Macy Pacetti, born 5 February 1917. Baptized 13 May 1917. Daughter of Frederick Pacetti of Mill Creek and Alberta Roberts of Sampson. Godparents: Emmett Pacetti and Macy Pinkham. Priest: Stephen Langlade. Confirmed 4 December 1927.

DEATH: Death Certificate for Virginia Delany, 28 October 1987, St. Augustine, St. Johns Co., Florida. Died at 24 Sanchez Avenue. Buried at San Lorenzo Cemetery.

LETTERS: Gerald Thomas Delany, St. Augustine, Florida, to Leonard J. McCown, 16 August 2000, 23 September 2000.

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