Michael Neligan Usina

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Also known as Honey&/Mike

Was born on 9 MAY 1873 . Died on 18 MAY 1953 .
Michael Neligan Usina
Michael (Honey) Usina was a Captain in the US Coast Guard. At times he was on an ice breaker. He was also a chaser for the "rum-runners" of the prohibiation days. They had no children. Although his family used his nickname Honey, he did not want to be called that while on ship for fear of being teased. Based on a chess set he passed on to Antonica (Dolly) U Fairbanks he enjoyed objects from metal (e.g. copper or brass). In this case, the chess set was handcrafted by a machinist who worked for Honey while on an ice breaker tour of dudy. His house was primarily in Massachusetts. He had a soft temperment and was a "lady's man" while his wife Alice loved to entertain and was austere. (Details based on verbal recollection by Antonica U Fairbanks. She also recalls 'Honey' taking her on visits to see the boats he was captain for.) The photograph here is marked: "May 1930 at Nova Scotia. Michael Neligan Usina on ice patrol - Coast Guard"
Michael Neligan Usina
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