Edmund Usina Fairbanks

Edmund Usina Fairbanks

Joan Usina FairbanksJoan Usina Fairbanks

 Charles Franklin FairbanksCharles Franklin Fairbanks
 Charles Edwin FairbanksCharles Edwin Fairbanks 
  Mary Priscilla MeadMary Priscilla Mead
 Edmund Usina FairbanksEdmund Usina Fairbanks 
birt: 11 OCT 1904
deat: 1 SEP 1988
plac: Menlo Park, California

Gladys Virginia BairGladys Virginia Bair
marr: 24 AUG 1929
plac: Ellicott City, MD
birt: 27 SEP 1905
plac: New Castle, Delaware, USA
deat: 10 SEP 2002
plac: Petaluma, California
  Michael Philip UsinaMichael Philip Usina
 Antonica Maria UsinaAntonica Maria Usina 
 Camilla Luciana NeliganCamilla Luciana Neligan


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