Camilla Luciana Neligan

Camilla Luciana Neligan

Hattie Weaver UsinaHattie Weaver Usina

Camilla Neligan UsinaCamilla Neligan Usina

Edmund Aubril UsinaEdmund Aubril Usina

Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina

Henry Clarence UsinaHenry Clarence Usina

Michael Neligan UsinaMichael Neligan Usina

Sanford Branch UsinaSanford Branch Usina

Antonica Maria UsinaAntonica Maria Usina

 Thomas NeliganThomas Neligan
 Michael NeliganMichael Neligan 
  Jerusha BooneJerusha Boone
 Camilla Luciana NeliganCamilla Luciana Neligan 
birt: 15 JUL 1839
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 12 MAY 1912
plac: Providence, Road Island

Michael Philip UsinaMichael Philip Usina
marr: 28 MAY 1863
plac: Tallahassee, Florida
birt: 23 AUG 1840
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 4 JUL 1903
plac: New York City
  Jose de NodeJose de Node
 Melchora Balbina de NodeMelchora Balbina de Node 
 Martina Agueda VillalongaMartina Agueda Villalonga



The pin that Camilla Neligan is wearing in the photograph was handed down by her daughter Antonica Maria Usina to her daughter Camilla Agnes Fairbanks because she had the same name.

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