Antonica Arnau

Antonica Arnau

Michael Philip UsinaMichael Philip Usina

 Francisco ArnauFrancisco Arnau
 Esteban ArnauEsteban Arnau 
  Martina VillalongaMartina Villalonga
 Antonica ArnauAntonica Arnau 
birt: 6 DEC 1821
deat: 13 MAR 1874
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida

Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina
marr: 4 MAR 1839
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
birt: 1815
plac: Old Fernandino, Florida
deat: 19 AUG 1841
  Pablo Zabate'Pablo Zabate'
 Antonica Clara Zabate'Antonica Clara Zabate' 
 Antonia OrtagaAntonia Ortaga



Incidentally, Spain gave Saint Augustine to America in 1821.

The "exact" birth date is 6 December 1821 is based on research by Michael Fairbanks. The 1905 faily tree chart originally compiled by Charles Edwin Fairbanks for some reason says the birth date is "About 1824".

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