Domingo Anthony Usina

Domingo Anthony Usina

Michael Philip UsinaMichael Philip Usina

 Antonio Joseph Magi AlzinaAntonio Joseph Magi Alzina
 Bartolome Miguel UsinaBartolome Miguel Usina 
  Catalina MollCatalina Moll
 Domingo Anthony UsinaDomingo Anthony Usina 
birt: 1815
plac: Old Fernandino, Florida
deat: 19 AUG 1841

Antonica ArnauAntonica Arnau
marr: 4 MAR 1839
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
birt: 6 DEC 1821
deat: 13 MAR 1874
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
  Miguel VillalongaMiguel Villalonga
 Raphelia VillalongaRaphelia Villalonga 
 Rafaela MerchadalaRafaela Merchadala



The large painting of Domingo Usina is dated August 1836 on the reverse. It has been handed down, and now sits in the home of Mike Fairbank's daughter Antonica (Fairbanks) Welvaert. Antonio Usina came on a ship during the Revolutionary War times. His son, born on the beach in New Symerna, Florida, was Miguel (Mike) Usina. His son was Domingo Usina.

He enlisted November 14, 1835. Domingo was shot in the opening battle of the 2nd Seminole Indian War defending a Sugar Mill at the Anderson Brothers Plantation. Indians early in the war didn't load their cuns correctly. They spit bullets into guns from their mouths, and didn't use the cloth padding. As a result, Domingo was shot in the back and took several years to die under a lot of pain. The bullet could not be removed. In that time, he married a much younger woman and had 1 child who was Miguel Usina (a Famous blockade runner in the Civil War).

Granny Fairbanks (Usina) was Mike's 8th child.

The 1905 family tree chart originally compiled by Charles Edwin Fairbanks shows Domingo was born April 26, 1801, however this is believed incorrect. His obituary in the St. Augustin Newspaper said he was age 26 in 1841 when he died. This confirms what other researchers have concluded. The date on the 1905 chart is for the first born mail sibling of Domingo. Nine siblings were born in St. Augustine. Domingo was born in Old Fernandina. This is the reason that his birth was not recorded.

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