Camilla Usina King

Camilla Usina King

Shawn BeattieShawn Beattie

Ryan BeattieRyan Beattie

Camilla BeattieCamilla Beattie

Jennifer BeattieJennifer Beattie

 William Howard KingWilliam Howard King 
 Camilla Usina KingCamilla Usina King 
birt: 13 MAR 1942

Leo William BeattieLeo William Beattie
marr: 25 NOV 1967
birt: 2 JUL 1940
  Charles Edwin FairbanksCharles Edwin Fairbanks
 Camilla Agnes FairbanksCamilla Agnes Fairbanks 
 Antonica Maria UsinaAntonica Maria Usina



Also known as: Susie

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