Lucile Mercedes Canova

Lucile Mercedes Canova

Archie Louis JonesArchie Louis Jones

Wilbur Eugene JonesWilbur Eugene Jones

Lucile Delphina JonesLucile Delphina Jones

 Raymondo (Ramon) Bartholome CanovaRaymondo (Ramon) Bartholome Canova
 Louis Casemura CanovaLouis Casemura Canova 
  Anita MicklerAnita Mickler
 Lucile Mercedes CanovaLucile Mercedes Canova 
birt: 27 OCT
deat: 1937
plac: By drowning

Archie Preston JonesArchie Preston Jones
deat: 1928
 Delphina Gregoria TriayDelphina Gregoria Triay 


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