Louis Casemura Canova

Louis Casemura Canova

Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.Louie Clarence Canova, Sr.

Carlos F. CanovaCarlos F. Canova

Lucile Mercedes CanovaLucile Mercedes Canova

Aline Delphina CanovaAline Delphina Canova

Arnold CanovaArnold Canova

 Antonio Joseph Venancio CanovaAntonio Joseph Venancio Canova
 Raymondo (Ramon) Bartholome CanovaRaymondo (Ramon) Bartholome Canova 
  Margarita Francisca Juliana PonzMargarita Francisca Juliana Ponz
 Louis Casemura CanovaLouis Casemura Canova 
birt: 4 MAR 1854
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 1933

Delphina Gregoria TriayDelphina Gregoria Triay
birt: 1854
deat: 1917
  Jacob MicklerJacob Mickler
 Anita MicklerAnita Mickler 
 Manuela de Jesus Hilaria Fernandez de MierManuela de Jesus Hilaria Fernandez de Mier



[According to recollections by Louie Clarence Canova III (lcc3@@msn.com)]:

He was a pharmacist and from pictures looked prosperous. They were often able to travel. Supposedly he established the first ice plant in Cuba. Eventually he got into farming and said farming experts from "all over" came to view his farming operation. He became known as the "little potato King" because of his excellent farming practices. He was proud of his farming. He often spoke of a "Triea" (sp?) in the family.

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