Francisco Jose Pons

Francisco Jose Pons

William PonsWilliam Pons

Evelyn Genevieve PonsEvelyn Genevieve Pons

Madge PonsMadge Pons

Charles F PonsCharles F Pons

Leonila PonsLeonila Pons

Sidney T PonsSidney T Pons

Ernest Eugene PonsErnest Eugene Pons

Owen Elbert PonsOwen Elbert Pons

Francis Joseph Pons Jr.Francis Joseph Pons Jr.

 Francisco Dominico PonsFrancisco Dominico Pons 
 Francisco Jose PonsFrancisco Jose Pons 
birt: 19 MAR 1832
plac: Fernandina, Amelia Island, Nassau County, Florida
deat: 24 DEC 1891
plac: Pons Plantation, Baker County, Florida

Marcella Camilla CanovaMarcella Camilla Canova
marr: 15 OCT 1855
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
birt: 2 JUN 1837
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: 26 APR 1898
plac: Pons Plantation, Baker County, Florida
 Maria Andrea Aqueda AcostaMaria Andrea Aqueda Acosta 



Also known as: Francis Joseph Pons

The following notes were recorded by "Leonard J. McCown" :

CHRISTENING: Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Augustine Parish Church, Florida, White Baptisms IV, 1816-1838, page 405, entry 651. Franciscus Josephus Pons, born 19 March 1832, Fernandina, Amelia Island. Baptized 22 October 1832. Son of Francisco Dominico Pons and Maria Agada Acosta. Godparents: Joanes Cavedo and Melephania or Stephania Acosta. Priest: Julio Francisco Massip.

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