Francis Joseph Pons Jr.

Francis Joseph Pons Jr.

 Francisco Dominico PonsFrancisco Dominico Pons
 Francisco Jose PonsFrancisco Jose Pons 
  Maria Andrea Aqueda AcostaMaria Andrea Aqueda Acosta
 Francis Joseph Pons Jr.Francis Joseph Pons Jr. 
birt: 19 MAR 1862
deat: 20 NOV 1916

Luella SmithLuella Smith
marr: 12 JUN 1882
plac: Baker County, Florida
  Antonio Joseph Venancio CanovaAntonio Joseph Venancio Canova
 Marcella Camilla CanovaMarcella Camilla Canova 
 Margarita Francisca Juliana PonzMargarita Francisca Juliana Ponz



MARRIAGE: Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Augustine Parish, Florida,

Marriages, 1882-1924. LJM checked the microfilm for this record and could not find it, August 1999.

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