Susan Elizabeth Frawley

Susan Elizabeth Frawley

Delany Marie BoltonDelany Marie Bolton

Benjamin Chirstopher BoltonBenjamin Chirstopher Bolton

 Robert William FrawleyRobert William Frawley 
 Susan Elizabeth FrawleySusan Elizabeth Frawley 
birt: 21 JUN 1966
plac: St. Augustine, St. Johns Co., Florida

Christopher Chandler BoltonChristopher Chandler Bolton
marr: 4 MAY 1996
plac: St. Augustine, St. Johns Co., Florida
birt: 19 NOV 1966
plac: Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia
  Thomas Earl DelanyThomas Earl Delany
 Glenda Marie DelanyGlenda Marie Delany 
 Macy Virginia PacettiMacy Virginia Pacetti



Susan was born in Flagler Hospital on Marine Street. She was baptized in the Cathedral.

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