George Hamilton Hill

George Hamilton Hill

 James HamiltonJames Hamilton
 Thaddeus A. HillThaddeus A. Hill 
  Martha ThomasMartha Thomas
 George Hamilton HillGeorge Hamilton Hill 
deat: ABT. JUN 2005
  Elisha GreeneElisha Greene
 Margaret M. GreenMargaret M. Green 
 Elizabeth Ann DriggersElizabeth Ann Driggers



One of his earliest memories was visisting the battleground of the late war of northern aggression near Ocean Pond with his father and the aged Thaddeus Hill. He remembers the old fellow pointing around with his cane. There is a good book about this battle avail. on Amazon. He was the last living member of the original Florida Stake presidency and was a treasure trove of knowledge about family history. He collected a ton of it.

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