Catalina Usina

Catalina Usina

 Antonio Joseph Magi AlzinaAntonio Joseph Magi Alzina 
 Catalina UsinaCatalina Usina 
birt: 29 MAR 1771
plac: Born about 5 in the morning.
  Miguel PonsMiguel Pons
 Catalina MollCatalina Moll 
 Francesca MollFrancesca Moll



Godparents: Miguel Alquina and Maria Antonia Alquina. Priest: Pedro Camps

In many cases, Alquina was an alternate spelling for Usina.

Source: Leonard J. McCown's translation of FATHRE PEDRO CAMPS' GOLDEN BOOK OF THE MINORCANS: TRANSLATION AND INDEX (or Baptisms, 1768-1784 and marriages, 1776-1784.

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