Antonio Joseph Magi Alzina

Antonio Joseph Magi Alzina

Catalina UsinaCatalina Usina

Maria UsinaMaria Usina

Bartolome Miguel UsinaBartolome Miguel Usina

Maria Ana Usina UsinaMaria Ana Usina Usina

Catalina Antonia Ana AlzinaCatalina Antonia Ana Alzina

Rafaela Paula Pangratia AlzinaRafaela Paula Pangratia Alzina

Antonia Margarita Anna AlzinaAntonia Margarita Anna Alzina

 Antonio Joseph Magi AlzinaAntonio Joseph Magi Alzina 
birt: 12 OCT 1748
plac: Alayor, Minorca
deat: 20 JUN 1800
plac: Saint Augustine, Spanish East Florida

Catalina MollCatalina Moll
marr: ABT. 1770
plac: New Smyrna, Florida
birt: Cindadela, Minorca
deat: BEF. 9 FEB 1777

Rafaela CapoRafaela Capo
marr: 9 FEB 1777
plac: New Smyrna, British East Florida
birt: ABT. 1750
plac: Mercadal, Minorca
deat: 22 JUL 1814
plac: Saint Augustine, Spanish East Florida



Antonio came on a ship during Revolutionary War times.

Note: based on research by Leonard J. McCown, Usina is spelled Alzina in the Church records.

1905 Family tree chart by Charles Edwin Fairbanks shows the birth location as Leon, Isle of Minorca, however based on Leonard J McCown's research this is believed incorrect.

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