Franklin Neligan Fairbanks

Franklin Neligan Fairbanks

Charles FairbanksCharles Fairbanks

 Charles Franklin FairbanksCharles Franklin Fairbanks
 Charles Edwin FairbanksCharles Edwin Fairbanks 
  Mary Priscilla MeadMary Priscilla Mead
 Franklin Neligan FairbanksFranklin Neligan Fairbanks 
birt: 6 JUN 1908
deat: 24 JUN 1981

Alice BufordAlice Buford
birt: 1 MAR
deat: APR 1992
  Michael Philip UsinaMichael Philip Usina
 Antonica Maria UsinaAntonica Maria Usina 
 Camilla Luciana NeliganCamilla Luciana Neligan



Also known as: Neligan

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