Katherine Bilger

Katherine Bilger

Caroline ShuhCaroline Shuh

Edward ShuhEdward Shuh

Louis A ShuhLouis A Shuh

Emil ShuhEmil Shuh

Lillian ShuhLillian Shuh

Mary Louise ShuhMary Louise Shuh

 Andrew PilzerAndrew Pilzer 
 Katherine BilgerKatherine Bilger 
birt: 10 DEC 1869
plac: Wittersheim, East of Rubenheim, Germany
deat: 17 DEC 1922
plac: Erie County Hospital, Buffalo, New York, USA

Louis A ShuhLouis A Shuh
birt: 6 AUG 1868
plac: Rubenheim, Sankt Ingbert (county) on the Rhines River. Presently Saarland, Germany
deat: 7 FEB 1948
plac: Eden, New York, USA
 Katherine SeilerKatherine Seiler 



Certificate at Erie County Hospital where died states was born in "Alsace, France"

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