Mary Louise Shuh

Mary Louise Shuh

Lillian Jean FairbanksLillian Jean Fairbanks

Antonica Louise FairbanksAntonica Louise Fairbanks

Joan Katherine FairbanksJoan Katherine Fairbanks

Anthony Michael FairbanksAnthony Michael Fairbanks

 [--?--] Shuh[--?--] Shuh
 Louis A ShuhLouis A Shuh 
 Mary Louise ShuhMary Louise Shuh 
birt: 13 OCT 1910
plac: Olean, New York, USA
deat: 5 AUG 2000

Anthony Mead FairbanksAnthony Mead Fairbanks
birt: 19 APR 1906
deat: 15 OCT 1998
  Andrew PilzerAndrew Pilzer
 Katherine BilgerKatherine Bilger 
 Katherine SeilerKatherine Seiler



Last name was also spelled "Schue" according to a letter from Michael Fairbanks (son) on 1/24/2010.

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