Marvin Jolley

Marvin Jolley

Bob JolleyBob Jolley

Ed JolleyEd Jolley

Joe JolleyJoe Jolley

 Marvin JolleyMarvin Jolley 

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Alberta CanovaAlberta Canova
marr: 1977
birt: 1920
plac: Jacksonville, Florida
deat: 12 AUG 2000
plac: Jacksonville, Florida



Also known as: Doug

The Jolley offspring (Bob, Ed, and Joe Jolley) were not at all related to the Canova/Drummond line, they were from Marvin "Doug" Jolley's first marriage (widowed), and all the children were well into adulthood when Alberta Canova married Doug later in life (Alberta Canova would have been 57/Doug was a few years older and probably into his 60s and already retired from his businesses).

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