Clara Margarita Ana Sanz

Clara Margarita Ana Sanz

Juan Onossre CanovaJuan Onossre Canova

 Pasqual SanzPasqual Sanz 
 Clara Margarita Ana SanzClara Margarita Ana Sanz 

Bartolomeo Pedro Martin CanovaBartolomeo Pedro Martin Canova
birt: 10 NOV 1787
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
 Antonia FornalesAntonia Fornales 



Based on research by Jerry Delany:

CHRISTENING: Roman Catholic Church Records, St. Augustine Parish Church, Florida, White Baptisms I, 1784-1792, page 47, entry 95. Clara Margarita Anna Sanz, born 10 December 1786. Baptized 17 December 1786. Daughter of Pasqual Sanz, Italia, and Antonia Fornales, Majon, Insula Minorca. Godparents: Johannes Villalonga, Layo, Minorca, and Margarita Villalonga, San Agustin. Priest: Thomas Hasset. (Vale 6 rrs.)

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