Juan Onossre Canova

Juan Onossre Canova

Maria R. CanovaMaria R. Canova

Clara CanovaClara Canova

Anastatia CanovaAnastatia Canova

Bartolo CanovaBartolo Canova

 Antonio Juan Magi Cánoves RiudavetsAntonio Juan Magi Cánoves Riudavets
 Bartolomeo Pedro Martin CanovaBartolomeo Pedro Martin Canova 
  Catalina Margarita Anna MaestreCatalina Margarita Anna Maestre
 Juan Onossre CanovaJuan Onossre Canova 
birt: 18 JUN 1818
deat: 29 MAY 1879

Antonia HAntonia H
birt: ABT. 1823
  Pasqual SanzPasqual Sanz
 Clara Margarita Ana SanzClara Margarita Ana Sanz 
 Antonia FornalesAntonia Fornales



CENSUS: According to October 14, 1850 St Johns County 1850 Federal Census data for the City of Saint Augustine (taken by Geo. J. Zehnbauer) Reel #M432-59, page 203b, line 25, his name is shown as John O Canova. His occupation is a laboror and had a value of $100.

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