Nancy Louise Casteel

Nancy Louise Casteel

Jody Lynette PurcellJody Lynette Purcell

Katherine Jodine PurcellKatherine Jodine Purcell

Patti Jo PurcellPatti Jo Purcell

Vanan Elizabeth PurcellVanan Elizabeth Purcell

Jimmie Vanoy Purcell, JrJimmie Vanoy Purcell, Jr

Louis Carl MurphyLouis Carl Murphy

William John MurphyWilliam John Murphy

 Ralph Paul CasteelRalph Paul Casteel 
 Nancy Louise CasteelNancy Louise Casteel 
birt: 29 JAN 1939
plac: Lakeland, Florida
deat: 1 FEB
plac: Mulberry, FL

Jimmie Vanoy PurcellJimmie Vanoy Purcell
marr: ABT. 1956

James Harold MurphyJames Harold Murphy
marr: ABT. 1975
  Ralph Eugene CanovaRalph Eugene Canova
 Iris Louise CanovaIris Louise Canova 
 Maude Mosley MillsMaude Mosley Mills



Nancy Louise Casteel, daughter to Iris Louise Canova and Ralph Paul Casteel, married Jimmie Vanoy Purcell Sr of TX, circa 1956-57. They gave birth to four daughters and one son. Jody Lynette Purcell, Katherine Jodine Purcell, Patti Jo Purcell, Vanan Elizabeth Purcell and Jimmie Vanoy Purcell Jr.

In 1972, Nancy and her five children, relocated to Mulberry, FL where she took refuge with her grandmother who raised her, Maude Mills Canova, and divorced in 1973. In mid 1973, she purchased a home in Bartow, FL.

In 1975, Nancy married James Harold Murphy, whom she met at the Lakeland A&P grocery store. She was the head cashier and he, the produce manager. James was later promoted to assistant manager and finally, manager of the Bartow A&P in 1978 where he remained until A&P shuttered their doors in the mid 1990's.

James brought two sons from a previous marriage. Louis Carl Murphy and William 'Bill' John Murphy.

The seven children and two adults lived in a 1232 sq ft home in Bartow, FL. It was tight living for the first few years, but as we got older, we moved out on our own.

James and Nancy lived in Bartow until November 2004, at which time, they sold their house and purchased a new home in South Lakeland, near where Nancy grew up as a child.

I could go on. I'm her youngest and only son by birth, Jimmie

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