Bernard Hermann Halsema

Bernard Hermann Halsema

 Lambertus Julles HalsemaLambertus Julles Halsema 
 Bernard Hermann HalsemaBernard Hermann Halsema 
birt: 15 JAN 1885
plac: St. Mary's, OH, USA
deat: 22 DEC 1964
plac: Jacksonville, FL, USA

Iva Mickler CanovaIva Mickler Canova
marr: NOV 1937
birt: 5 DEC 1886
plac: Green Cove Springs, Florida
deat: 10 MAR 1984
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
 Marie Agnes DuwelMarie Agnes Duwel 



Also known as: Ben

[via web Site, Julle Halsema and Gesina Boerema, John Ketelaars, JHGB, ]

"He worked for his brother JC for a while in Jacksonville as an electrican. He moved to Miami where he started the 'Halsema Brothers Contracting Business' in Miami with his brother Tony in the '20s and '30s. He later became a building inspector."

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Burial in Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida

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