Lambertus Julles Halsema

Lambertus Julles Halsema

Elisabeth Agnes HalsemaElisabeth Agnes Halsema

Henry Andrew HalsemaHenry Andrew Halsema

Lambertus Marie HalsemaLambertus Marie Halsema

Joseph Marie HalsemaJoseph Marie Halsema

John Francis HalsemaJohn Francis Halsema

Julian Clement HalsemaJulian Clement Halsema

George William HalsemaGeorge William Halsema

Maria Anna HalsemaMaria Anna Halsema

Justus Selestine HalsemaJustus Selestine Halsema

Maria Helena HalsemaMaria Helena Halsema

Rose Agnes HalsemaRose Agnes Halsema

Bernard Hermann HalsemaBernard Hermann Halsema

Anthony Lambert HalsemaAnthony Lambert Halsema

 Lambertus Julles HalsemaLambertus Julles Halsema 
birt: 19 NOV 1838
plac: Mensingeweer, Groningen, NL
deat: 24 JUL 1916
plac: San Antonio, FL, USA

Mary Margaret AxeMary Margaret Axe
marr: 13 SEP 1870
plac: St. Mary's, OH, USA
birt: 14 FEB 1842
plac: Decatur, OH, USA
deat: 17 JUN 1883
plac: St. Mary's, OH, USA

Marie Agnes DuwelMarie Agnes Duwel
marr: 26 FEB 1884
plac: Minster, OH, USA



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