Viola Canova

Viola Canova

Karin ClarkeKarin Clarke

 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova
 Thomas Ramon (Raymond) CanovaThomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova 
  Diannah GreenDiannah Green
 Viola CanovaViola Canova 
birt: 8 FEB 1910
plac: Sanderson, Baker County, Florida, USA
deat: 31 JAN 2009
plac: Southern Utah
endl: 9 JUN 1937

Trevor Samuel ClarkeTrevor Samuel Clarke
marr: 2 AUG 1935
plac: New York, Queens, New York, USA
birt: 14 MAR 1911
plac: Newton, Utah
  Joseph Henry AtkinsonJoseph Henry Atkinson
 Annie Pearl AtkinsonAnnie Pearl Atkinson 
 Penelope Mariah ByrdPenelope Mariah Byrd



Voila graduated from the University of Utah where she studied drama in New York. Viola was a real estate broker for several years, was a vice-president, then president of several organizations. After retiring, they filled a Mission for the Church. They were serving in the St. George Temple at the time of Trevor's death.

Viola is the author of a wonderful book about a significant part of the Canova family "Life Story of Thomas Raymond Canova".

Viola passed away on 31 January 2009 in Southern Utah. She would have been 100 years old on 8 February 2009. Her life was celebrated with a funeral on her behalf on 7 February 2009, in Bloomington Utah, just outside of St. George, Utah. The address of the church house where the funeral and viewing are to be held is: 3381 Mulberry Drive, Bloomington Utah 84790-7530. Viewing 12:00 pm Funeral 1:00 pm Family luncheon Internment in Hurricane, Utah, Cemetery.

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