Phillip William Maloy

Phillip William Maloy

Jennifer Lynn MaloyJennifer Lynn Maloy

Jayme Denyse MaloyJayme Denyse Maloy

Jeffery Scott MaloyJeffery Scott Maloy

Phillip William MaloyPhillip William Maloy

Jason Todd MaloyJason Todd Maloy

Andrea Nicole MaloyAndrea Nicole Maloy

 Thomas Grant MaloyThomas Grant Maloy 
 Phillip William MaloyPhillip William Maloy 
birt: 1944

Brenda Jo WernerBrenda Jo Werner
  Thomas Ramon (Raymond) CanovaThomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova
 Miriam Gertrude CanovaMiriam Gertrude Canova 
 Mary Emily GouldMary Emily Gould



Also known as: Phil

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