Thomas Grant Maloy

Thomas Grant Maloy

Eileen MaloyEileen Maloy

Thomas Edward MaloyThomas Edward Maloy

Phillip William MaloyPhillip William Maloy

 Thomas Grant MaloyThomas Grant Maloy 
birt: 1917
deat: 16 MAY 2007
plac: Hurricane, Washington, Utah, USA

Miriam Gertrude CanovaMiriam Gertrude Canova
marr: 15 JAN 1938
plac: Santa Barbara, California
birt: 22 DEC 1919
plac: Los Angeles, California
deat: 6 MAR 2010
plac: Hurricane, Utah
endl: 17 JUN 1954



Also known as: Grant

Grant and Trudy Maloy owned and operated the KOA Campground in Manila Utah and movie theaters in Southern California where many of their nieces and nephews were able to come and work and get to know them better. Uncle Grant was a great man with a wonderful sense of humor and love for all those around him.

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