Michael Wayne Perryman

Michael Wayne Perryman

Malynda Jane PerrymanMalynda Jane Perryman

Michael Wayne Perryman, Jr.Michael Wayne Perryman, Jr.

Collin Allen PerrymanCollin Allen Perryman

Emily Ruth PerrymanEmily Ruth Perryman

 George Dewey PerrymanGeorge Dewey Perryman
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  Mittie Loudell DickensonMittie Loudell Dickenson
 Michael Wayne PerrymanMichael Wayne Perryman 
birt: 14 JUN 1945
plac: San Diego, CA

Lynda Jane HawsLynda Jane Haws
marr: 27 JUN 1970
plac: Mesa Arizona Temple (LDS)
birt: 1 JAN 1946
plac: Penscola, Florida
deat: 15 JAN 1995
plac: Mesa, Maricopia, Arizona|Cancer

Retha Elaine BartolaRetha Elaine Bartola
marr: 22 MAR 1980
plac: LA, California (Lds -Temple)
birt: 8 FEB 1949
plac: San Louis Obispo, California

Marjorie Kay BannonMarjorie Kay Bannon
marr: 18 OCT 1989
plac: Las Vegas, Clark, NV.(Civ / Only)
bapl: 10 APR 1989
plac: Las Vegas, Clark, NV
birt: 10 APR 1948
plac: San Diego, San Diego, California
  Thomas Ramon (Raymond) CanovaThomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova
 Olive Ruth CanovaOlive Ruth Canova 
 Mary Emily GouldMary Emily Gould



Also known as: Mike

Mike is a collector of Canova history artifacts and tracks the genealogy for the descendants of Paul Bartola Canova. His web site is located at http://www.geocities.com/mwp2688/index.html. In case further family history is discovered, he can be reached at 15619 Mesa Street, Hesperia CA, 92345; 760-948-2636 home; 760-221-8187 cel-phone; mwp2688@@hotmail.com; marj101@@msn.com

[The following notes are from Mike Perryman:]

U.S. Navy - R ( 688-75-67 ) ( Southern California Navel Air Station )

U.S.Army (RA: 1980716) Fort Ord, California. ( Basic Training & Food Service School. ) (1963)

Turkiye. (1963 - 1964 ) ( NATO Group ) When I was in the city of " Erzurum ", Turkiye, I met " Bud Crawford " of Denver, Co. and others in his group that where making their way to" NAOH ARK" site though Turkiye. " Bud Crawford and his group eat a meal in my messhall (dinning hall).

The site is north and east of the city of " Van ", Turkiye ( Van means snow(s) in turkish ) Erzurum is about 160 miles S /E from the old USSR & Iran borders, it is said that if you can stand on Mt. Ararat Turkiye you can see old USSR...... ( the spelling of turkey is " Turkiye " by the Turk's )............

In 1963 I was on my way to France ( Army Hospital ) when an Army Officer in charge asked is there anyone here that would be willing to change their assignments to another location ??.

I said I would be glad to if the Army needed me to do so they asked me if I could pass a backgound check I said yes he said okay I will get back to you in a time.

Later the Officer returned and said my assignment has been changed along with other men, the other men asked the Officer where are you going to send us he said he could not tell us at this time, the others ask me "Mike" where do you think they are going to send us, I said "Turkey" a place I have never thought about before in my life.

In a few hours they came to us and gave us our orders but they met nothing because they where in code so after we entered Germany they read our orders and they did not even understand the location so they took a few days to find out where to send us which was Istanbul Turkey. (Turkiye)

Fort Belvoir, Va. (1965 - 1966 ) Fort Lee, Va. (1966 - 1966 )

>>>Vietnam 1966 -1967<<<

Vietnam. (1966 -1967 / ets.) (569th Q.M. Company / M.A.C.V. ) I had the pleasure of meeting the actress " Martha Raye". in Vietnam and served her (B.B.Q) lunch along with the men of my unit. I took picture of her and some of the men and she asked me to have my picture taken with her..........because " JUDY CANOVA " is my cousin and she knew her and we talked about " JUDY " and herself during lunch....

When I was in Vietnam (1966-1967) I went to church at the " Ben-Hoa " U.S. Air Force Base L.D.S., group/branch and I took a great picture of the front of L.D.S., group's church building ( b / w ).

While in Vietnam I was called to serve by the L.D.S. church group leader in the Southern Vietnam area near (long-ben), and the 93rd evac, Army hospital as the group/branch home teacher, visiting teacher,etc.

In this I visited with all L.D.S. soldier's / airmen / sailor's, in the 93rd evac Army hospital as their chaplain, making sure of their needs and getting to them a copy of the scriptures and the L.D.S. dog tag. ( the dog tag has a picture of the Salt Lake Temple )

I also visited these men in there company areas, in fox holes, tents, and any where I could fine them. I traviled from one area to another on foot or by jeep or even trash truck to see these men. One day I could visite with a young man and the next day he mite be dead. This did take a toll on me, even to this day I still have flash backs, but I feel I had a two fold job in Vietnam one being a Army soldier and also being servent to our LORD, and to his young childern ( members of the armed services ) that where trying to make the world free of fear and troubles.

*** break in service ( appx 6+/- years) ***

In 1970 I was in Salt City Utah and I met President Joseph Fielding Smith and his (3rd) wife Jessie Evens Smith and was invited to their Apartment (home) before they moved to the Apartment set aside for the use for the home of the L.D.S.Church President. ( this took place just after he became President of the L.D.S. Church )

When I entered President Smith's home the first thing I saw that Sister Smith had removed all the pictures from all the walls because she was in her spring cleaning (washing the walls) she had all the picture leaning up against the wall on the floor.

I was invited to neal at the feet of President Joseph Fielding Smith who was in his chair and talked to him about the "ARK of NOAH " up coming next expedition to " Mt. Ararat Turkiye " to see if they could find out more about the "ARK of NOAH ". The people who where going on the expedition had a movie of there other trip(s) to Mt. Ararat "Turkiye" so while they showed the movie in the old church office building I sat between President Joseph Fielding Smith and Sister Jessie Evens Smith. Sister Jessie Evens Smith said: " Oh look at thoughs poor little donkeys with such a big load on there backs."

The "ARK of NOAH " located on Mt. Ararat near where I was in the ( NATO group ) in Erzurum Turkiye. (1963 -1964)

Meat cutter training in Mesa / Phx. Arizoina ( 1970 -1972 )

U.S.Army (569-60-2688) Fort Leonardwood, MO. ( Training ) (1973 ) Fort Dix, N.J. (1973 ) Fort Richardson, Alaska. ( Buyer & Food Service @@ N.C.O. Club. ) ( 1973 - 1976 ) Fort Bliss, Tx. ( 1 sep 1977 / ets.)

Civ-life: worked in the field of foods: Chef, Q.A.- Meat Inspector, Meat cutter, Food service mgmt.

Retirement, Nov 1992, S.S.A. ( C.O.P.D. / Heart )

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