Olive Ruth Canova

Olive Ruth Canova

(Stillborn) Perryman(Stillborn) Perryman

(Stillborn) Perryman(Stillborn) Perryman

Michael Wayne PerrymanMichael Wayne Perryman

Larry Richard PerrymanLarry Richard Perryman

Paul Douglas PerrymanPaul Douglas Perryman

 George Paul CanovaGeorge Paul Canova
 Thomas Ramon (Raymond) CanovaThomas Ramon (Raymond) Canova 
  Diannah GreenDiannah Green
 Olive Ruth CanovaOlive Ruth Canova 
birt: 5 SEP 1921
plac: Los Angeles, California
deat: 7 APR 1987
plac: Loma Linda, Riverside, California|Emphysema - 2nd hand smoke and smoking
endl: 6 NOV 1991
plac: SGEOR

Wayne Darrell PerrymanWayne Darrell Perryman
marr: 31 MAY 1944
plac: Yuma, Yuma, Arizona
birt: 27 OCT 1927
plac: Bayard, Morrill, Nebraska
deat: 26 DEC 1998
plac: Hemet, Riverside, California|Heart - smoking
  Jacob Brigham GouldJacob Brigham Gould
 Mary Emily GouldMary Emily Gould 
 Phoebe Rebecca ReynoldsPhoebe Rebecca Reynolds



Also known as: Ruthie

[According to notes by Viola Canova Clarke] Olive Ruth worked in the restaurant business until ill health beset her. They retired and moved to Hemet, California. They were there only a few years when Ruth passed away.

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