Diane Canova Rivero

Diane Canova Rivero

Mathew ScheinerMathew Scheiner

Jordan ScheinerJordan Scheiner

 Filberto RiveroFilberto Rivero 
 Diane Canova RiveroDiane Canova Rivero 
birt: 2 JUN 1953
plac: West Palm Beach, Florida

Geoff LevinGeoff Levin
marr: 1976

Elliot ScheinerElliot Scheiner
marr: 1982
  Joseph Francis CanovaJoseph Francis Canova
 Juliette CanovaJuliette Canova 
 Henrietta PerryHenrietta Perry



Also known as: Dee Dee

Diana Canova Riverio is professionally known as Diana Canova.

Diana was a TV actress in the series "Soap" and has made other guest appearences in TV and movies. When performing, she uses the name Diana Canova. For further details of her acting career, check out the TV Tome or the Internet Movie Database. According to the database and various web sightings she also lived with Steve Landesberg but never married.

According to Diana Canova's Playbill Bio for Company, Diana lives and teaches in Connecticut with her husband when she's not performing.

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