Julie Marie Louise Gingras

Julie Marie Louise Gingras

Theodore Camille CanovaTheodore Camille Canova

George CanovaGeorge Canova

Raymond CanovaRaymond Canova

Josephine CanovaJosephine Canova

Anita CanovaAnita Canova

Estelle CanovaEstelle Canova

Henry Louis CanovaHenry Louis Canova

 George J GingrasGeorge J Gingras 
 Julie Marie Louise GingrasJulie Marie Louise Gingras 
birt: JUL 1867
plac: Saint Louis, MO

Antonio Joseph CanovaAntonio Joseph Canova
birt: ABT. 1861
plac: Saint Augustine, Florida
deat: ABT. 1935
plac: Sailor's Snug Harbor, New York
 Florence Hardee [--?--]Florence Hardee [--?--] 


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